Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Better Me

2011.The year of the Golden Rabbit, is said to be a lucky year. But as January 2011 came, it was such a disconsolate kick off that I lost so much weight. January 2011 - HEARTBREAK. And for the first time I appreciated heartbreak songs -didn't expect the songs I used to laugh at would make me understand my situation more and aided to binding my squandered heart. Then February came - still in distress and I have all my friends to thank  for always being there to give glee and comfort.  April - my birth month came, with another predicament made me wistful it was December again. May - 5 months of spasm and twinge taught me so much, making me tenacious and stalwart. Now it's June, looking to many new vantages to better myself. I thought I was at my best last year when it was all laughs and merriment, but I was wrong. Pain had thought me so much more. It taught me to be sensitive, taught me to be more loving, taught me to be more responsible. Am challenging myself to be better, not just for me but for everyone I love. And then I realized, 2011 is a lucky year after all.